Road Safety on Greengate Lane

Working alongside our County Councillor, Geoff Cook, we were successful in securing improvements to Greengate Lane to make this busy road safer for pedestrians and children in particular.

Although we didn’t get everything we asked for, such as double-yellow lines to the top of Greengate Lane where it meets the roundabout on the school side and dedicated Residents’ Parking on the opposite side, the new features have, nevertheless, gone a long way to improving pedestrian safety in the area.

These improvements include:

  • A dedicated crossing point via red road markings
  • Dedicated Drop-Off and Collect Zones adjacent to both the school entrance and also the footpath/lane that leads to the school’s Nursery and Neighbourhood Centre
  • A one-way system from Greengate Lane to Well Ings at the right-hand junction
  • Additional double-yellow lines
  • A marked ‘bus stop to prevent parking there, making it safer for passengers to board/disembark the ‘buses.

Although we are aware that there have been instances of drivers abusing these new measures, such as by not adhering to the one-way system from Greengate Lane to Well Ings and parking on the double-yellow lines, we are monitoring the situation and the County Council will take enforcement measures once the relevant highways signage has been installed.