Local Issues

The KRA Committee is currently working on all of the following:

Traffic Lights – Junction of Glebe Road & Milnthorpe Road                                    We had been asking Cumbria County Council (CCC) Highways to give serious consideration to installing traffic lights at this busy junction as a means of improving both queuing traffic and the resultant pollution for nearby residents. We consider that these traffic lights are long overdue and the new Stainbank Green and Lower Underbarrow Road housing developments will undoubtedly lead to an increase in traffic using Kirkbarrow as a rat-run, thereby making the long-standing traffic problems worse. CCC had judged traffic lights to be feasible but we were told that there is a shortage of funding for such projects.

However, after KRA wrote to SLDC to request that these traffic lights be a condition of any subsequent planning permission for new housing developments in the area, it has been suggested that monies should be available from the Community Infrastructure Levy imposed on new developments.

KRA therefore wrote to CCC Highways to ask that this Infrastructure Levy Fund be used to install traffic lights but had heard nothing back.

It is now hoped that with the advent of a new Unitary Authority – Westmorland & Furness – some progress might eventually be made.


‘Bus Stop and Shelter – Top of Echo Barn Hill                                                      Following concerns raised by residents and ‘bus drivers, this ‘bus stop was moved towards the junction with the roundabout and has been marked out as such so as to prevent the obstructive parking that had been going on there, which made it difficult for the ‘buses and dangerous for their passengers when boarding/alighting.

KRA has now looked into the possibility of  installing a shelter, so that passengers have somewhere covered to stand while waiting but, whilst we may be able to access funding for a shelter, one was not allowed to be installed until CCC could be assured of its future maintenance.

Following residents having signed a petition calling for a ‘bus shelter, Kendal Town Council agreed that it would take responsibility for maintaining this new ‘bus shelter and funding was successfully sought from Cumbria Community Foundation.

Permission was then sought from the new Westmorland & Furness Council to site a ‘bus shelter in that location as preliminary on site talks with CCC were very promising.

However, this request was subsequently refused due to some residents objecting.

Therefore, rather than loose the funding and a shelter, its location was moved to the exposed junction of Anchorite Fields and Road and has now been installed.


Kirkbarrow Food Share Scheme                                                                                         We have two food sheds that are normally unlocked throughout the day – One at 41 Greengate Lane and one at 2 Echo Barn Hill.  Food parcels are also delivered to addresses on Kirkbarrow that are in the sheltered housing complexes or to residents in need that have come to our attention.  If you live on Kirkbarrow and feel you would benefit from a food parcel, please email: rosetideswell@gmail.com  with your name and address.


Please note that anyone can report:

Potholes and/or uneven pavements
Highways:  0300 373 3306 or online:  southlakeland.gov.uk/report                                                                                                                          

Dog Fouling, Fly-Tipping, Excess Litter                                                                    Report to Westmorland & Furness: 0300 373 3300; e-mail:  customer.services@westmorlandandfurness.gov.uk;                                                        website: southlakeland.gov.uk/report or PCSOs.